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Another round of reviews for ITV’s adaptation of one of Georges Simenon’s favourite stories, Maigret Sets a Trap.


Maigret’s Rowan Atkinson features in The Mail’s Weekend magazine – TV Talk:



Matt Rudd of the Sunday Times explains why he enjoyed the first installment of the two-episode adaptation of Maigret.


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Euan Ferguson of the Guardian defends the main actor’s performance, especially emphasizing his versatility.

‘What of Rowan Atkinson, as Maigret? I thought he was terrific as far as it went. Deeply subtle, and his shtick was not clues but psychology.’


Find the review HERE


After the premiere of the first episode of the new adaptation of Maigret on Easter Monday,

reviews are everywhere for Maigret Sets a Trap. Here are some of the best so far.

Gabriel Tate of The Telegraph adds Maigret Set a Trap to his ‘What to Watch’ list for the Easter weekend:

Maigret and Bear Grylls The Telegraph


RadioTimes presents a complete guide to the series introducing the characters and the actors portraying them, including Rowan Atkinson as Chief Inspector Maigret and Fiona Shaw as Mme Moncin.

MAIGRET MAIGRET SETS A TRAP Pictured:FIONA SHAW as Madame Moncin. Photographer: Colin Hutton. This image is the copyright of ITV and must only be used in relation to MAIGRET

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Christopher Stevens of the Daily Mail gives Maigret Sets a Trap four stars, emphasizing over all Rowan Atkinson’s performance and the flawless settings.


‘Maigret is the ultimate father figure. He is decent, strong, honest and kindly. He knocks back beer and shots of liquor all day and night, but he is never drunk. He puffs on his pipe, calm and wise but constantly alert. No criminal can escape him. As long as Maigret is guarding us, we can sleep at night.’

Find the review HERE.


Maigret Sets a Trap was featured in The Daily Mail’s TV Picks:

Maigret and Bear Grylls Daily Mail TV Picks-001


Stephen Amstrong from Radio Times interviews Rowan Atkinson about his fears of playing such iconic character.

MAIGRET MAIGRET SETS A TRAP Pictured:ROWAN ATKINSON as Maigret. Photographer: Colin Hutton. This image is the copyright of ITV and must only be used in relation to MAIGRET

‘I tend to play people with a slightly odd, eccentric or particular attitude to life. The problem with Maigret is – he’s ordinary. He hasn’t got a limp, a lisp, a French accent, and he has no particular love of opera or all those other things that people tend to attach to fictional detectives. He’s just an ordinary guy doing an extraordinary job, in a very interesting time. I found that daunting.’

Read the interview HERE


David Chater of The Times highlights the effective simplicity of Atkinson’s performance:
Maigret The Times Saturday Review


With the revival of his most famous creation through the new TV adaptation of Maigret’s adventures,

Express looks back at Georges Simenon’s productive and successful career.

Although Chief Inspector Maigret gave him most of the popularity for which he is remembered today, Belgium-born Georges Simenon, as it is highlighted in the article, was actually always writing: ‘he wrote more than 400 books, using at least 17 pen names. He would rise at dawn and write between 60-80 pages before 10.30am. He aimed to write a novel in seven-10 days.’


‘He owned more than 300 pipes, smoking up to 15 full bowls of tobacco a day. You might have thought Simenon’s health would be affected by his excesses but in fact he died in his sleep at the ripe old age of 86.’

Georges Simenon passed away in 1989, but his most celebrated creation lives on, now played by Rowan Atkinson.

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‘I love reading Simenon. He makes me think of Chekhov’

William Faulkner

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