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Camilla Shestopal on an event for bloggers

simenon blogger event - john simenon and camilla shestopal 13 june 2015PFD on behalf of Georges Simenon Ltd held an event for Bloggers on Saturday 13th June at the Groucho Club.  It was such a great opportunity and pleasure to meet the wonderful bloggers who came, and all were so enthusiastic about the Simenon works and Inspector Maigret, from all  perspectives – crime blogging, translation fiction, appreciating the atmospheric, psychological and evocative plots.  We were so thrilled to have John Simenon present, who talked about his father: how Georges Simenon planned his writing and also how he considered himself to be a father first, and a writer second.

There are 391 novels in all, 75 of which feature Inspector Maigret: they are crime led, roughly novella length, addictive and leave you desperate to read the next one!    His remaining 316 novels were known as the ‘Romans Durs’.  These are stand alone novels, also of novella length and also addictive in their own way.   The aim of the event was to encourage all to read and enjoy the books and become part of the Simenon community; to pick up, not just one, but many titles, many times, and read a Simenon book often which we guarantee will feed and satisfy reading appetites!   We are so pleased that we are helping to spread the word especially with the wonderful blogs which have since been written:


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‘I love reading Simenon. He makes me think of Chekhov’

William Faulkner

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