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Inspector Simenon by Georges Simenon Penguin Books b

Explore the world of Georges Simenon and the inimitable Inspector Maigret.



What bloggers say

“A steadfast hero in a short, vivid, well-plotted story; no wonder they remain classics.” LitLove 25th November 2015

“Simenon made his characters biologically and, perhaps more importantly, socially responsible. He liked to get into their heads. ” The Worm Hole  17 June 2015

“I began reading, and digging deeper, only to discover that he was greatly admired by none other than T S Eliot, Gide, Cocteau, Henry Miller, Colette, Muriel Spark, and a host of other literary writers, and to find there was indeed something in his insistently plain prose that is fascinatingly, almost magically evocative, and that at the centre of the books is a deeply humane and psychological interest in people.” FictionBitch 15 June 2015

“Simenon always saw himself as a craftsmen rather than an artist and was fascinated by the neurological and psychological aspects of crime.” Chasing Bawa 15 June 2015

“It was a thrill to hear [John Simenon] talk lovingly of his father – who was always there for him – putting family above writing. John also talked about his father’s writing process – and very much like Maigret, he spent a long time letting everything come together in his mind before polishing his typewriter and writing.” Gaskella 15 June 2015

“Technically, The Blue Room is a psychological thriller, but it gave me so much more than I have known from books of that genre before. I prefer to think of it as a character driven unraveling.” OfBooks on The Blue Room 15 June 2015

“…something about this couple’s story got under my skin. François and Kay are two people who need each other. They cling desperately together and they can’t help but bruise one another in the process.” JacquiWine on Three Bedrooms in Manhattan 10 May 2015

“Georges Simenon pushed his characters to emotional extremes, exposing the criminal within, a shadowy core he believed we all share”, Luc Sante, BookForum June 2007

‘I love reading Simenon. He makes me think of Chekhov’

William Faulkner

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